Our monitoring solutions are mainly  based on an advanced space technology: Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (InSAR) / Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI).

Since 2014, TERRASIGNA is among a select, international group of companies certified, within TERRAFIRMA project, with the support of German Aerospace Center (DLR), to apply the SAR technology for Earth surface monitoring.

InSAR / PSI can be used with very good results for detecting and monitoring ground deformation and infrastructure stability with accuracy up to millimeters per year.

InSAR / PSI are extremely effective for preventing dangerous events with social and economic impact, otherwise difficult to achieve using only ground information.

We successfully use InSAR / PSI technology in applications designed according to our clients’ requirements for monitoring:

  • Infrastructure development - urban subsidence related to underground infrastructure, strategic infrastructure (nuclear plants, airports, public buildings, water dams)
  • Oil and gas industry - subsidence or uplift related to oil and gas extraction and underground storage, pipelines
  • Mining industry - subsidence related to old mining areas, new mining development
  • Natural hazards - earthquakes related ground deformation, landslides
  • Insurance - evaluate the stability of individual houses for estimation of the insurance premiums
  • Environment - ground water related subsidence, global warming effects (glaciers shrinking and dynamics), ground motion measurements for geological carbon storage sites.