Agriculture is one of the domains that successfully use the space technologies in order to achieve better results. Applications and services can be built to support farmers in a better management of their lands, more efficient and less costly production, together with a relevant crop monitoring.

There are a series of legal, meteorological or commercial challenges that affect the mid-sized farms. These challenges can be addressed through a series of modern geospatial techniques Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing (RS). These advanced technologies offer numerous advantages for agriculture at scales ranging from the farm field to regional size because they can be used to cheaply and quickly generate and synthesize new information, and to exploit data from various heterogeneous sources, devise methods of their integration, and prepare maps and tables that meet specific needs as forms of visualization.

Our AGRI-BIS service proves the utility of such a service that use the most modern geospatial techniques for the business management in agriculture.

AGRI-BIS service offers:

  • High resolution thematic maps in support of agribusiness. These can offer information on:

    • Plants’ health

    • Crop develpment status

    • Pedologic mapping at parcel level

  • Parcels, crops and different infrastructure elements localization on the map