The Black Sea is one of the most remarkable regional seas in the world. It is almost cut off from the rest of the world’s seas, is over 2200 m deep and receives the drainage from a 1,9 million km2 basin covering about one third of the area of the continental Europe.

It is also one of the world’s basins with the most severe environmental degradation. Its unique hydrological characteristics shape the condition of its biodiversity, and increase its vulnerability to pollution and decline of habitat, coastal and marine resources.

Today’s science and technology contribute to a better understanding of these challenges, and the disruptive capacity of EO techniques facilitates extended analysis of this fragile marine environment.

Different approaches for understanding the Black Sea climate  - in below case studies.



Pathfinder - regional approach

The tools provided by the Pathfinder for the environmental issues of South East Europe region....

DaFSys - Water Quality Service

Data fusion algorithms focused on the Black Sea problematic for monitoring coastal area....

ESPOSS - How the sea breathes

First operational cross-sectional service of this kind in the Black Sea basin....