In a knowledge economy, and relying on a team of intelligent and creative people, TERRASIGNA has built strong competencies in an emerging hi-tech domain that offers numerous applicable opportunities.

By analysing, processing and interpreting various satellite Earth Observation data to extract meaningful information, we see our homeplanet affairs from above and we provide, in this way, professional knowledge services to public and private organizations.

The TERRASIGNA applications represent innovative solutions for: risk assessment evaluation regarding the natural phenomena (flood, drought, landslides); environmental monitoring in areas affected by human activities (deforestation, underground mining, oil and gas extraction, CO2 storage); heavy infrastructure monitoring (urban areas, bridges, water dams, critical infrastructure like nuclear power plants); environment monitoring (wetlands, marine, etc.); state of the art applications for precision agriculture.

One of the particularities of the space domain stays in the highly qualified human resources needed; therefore TERRASIGNA continuously invests in supporting the education of future generation of scientist, by developing educational software in support to and as modern education mean for the high schools and universities preparing students in Earth Observation.

TERRASIGNA’s professionalism and reliability are proven by the certification of its radar images processing chain from the German Space Agency in 2014 and by its client portfolio (European Space Agency, World Bank, national public authorities, private companies). Its contribution to the environment protection activities was promoted in several articles in environment related magazines and recognized by   the Infomediu Europa Award 2014 received in December 2014.