June 20th, 2017

World Environment Day (WED) is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5th of June.  Since its launch in 1974, WED has become a global platform for public outreach on environmental issues.
It is organized around a particular theme, with this year's being "Connecting People to Nature," and a different country hosts the event every year. The host nation for 2017 is Canada.

The Day was marked across the globe in many different and ingenuous ways.*
The head of UN Environment and Canadian representatives gathered at Niagara Falls to mark the Day, while the Prime Minister personified the Connecting people to nature theme on a paddle.
Jack Johnson, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, gave an acoustic performance dedicated to this occasion.

Canada is offering free passes for its national parks throughout 2017.
Finland has designated its 40th national park.
Bosnia and Herzegovina doubled the size of its protected areas and opening its parks for free.
Tijuana, Mexico - volunteers from both US and Mexico cleaned the city beach in a “show of solidarity”.
Brazil - 4500 runners traversed the Atlantic forests of Iguacu National Park.
Angola - great quantities of elephant ivory was burned, reinforcing the commitment of fighting wildlife crime.

Landmarks around the world turned green to celebrate WED 2017: in North & Latin America, Africa & Asia, and Europe.


Five environment-themed films were released by IMAX, in supporting young filmmakers’ contribution. Each documentary is an eight-minute film, telling stories that promote change through film, such as “Bee conscious”, “Generation zero explores: drinking water”.
See details about all five documentaries.

Ecowatch gathered a selection of witty tweets about WED, and other celebrating events.

Romania celebrated the Day with children - focus activities, in a effort to makes us think how important is the nature and how intimately our future depends on it. The manifestations included contests (photos & landscape lay-outs), projects and exhibitions, organized with the support of communities, NGO’s and local government representatives: “The environment depends on us” - Arges, “The little ecologist” - Iasi, “The children save the environment”- Dambovita, “The landscape on my street” - Braila, “The green corner in the school backyard” - Olt, “Eco-journalists in action”- Bacau.  

At TERRASIGNA, we contributed with what we do best:

  • The Green Lung - wooden vegetation map that measures the woodlands areas - New service launch;
  • Romanian mosaic - interactive map as a reminder of our nature-gifted home land.

Connecting People to Nature - in figures
The economists have estimated the annual value of the benefits nature provides us, such as:

  • $274 billion commercial fishing’s contribution to global GDP;
  • $1 million tourism revenue from each live gorilla in Uganda;
  • 1,6 million people living in poverty use forests for all or part in their livelihoods;
  • $577 billion crop pollination by insects worldwide.

All Facts Sheet published for WED 2017

What mark will you leave on our world?
#WorldEnvironmentDay 2017 - by UN Environment

*Source www.worldenvironmentday.global