Our Latin roots make passion a constant presence in all we do, either science or technology.
This is why, from the beginning, we devoted our energy in order to discover and innovate new ways for analysing Earth Observation data and processing techniques.

We customize solutions based on in-house created and developed algorithms and techniques, for various EO monitoring activities:

  • risk assessment evaluation regarding the natural phenomena (flood, drought, landslides);
  • environmental monitoring in areas affected by human activities (deforestation, underground mining, oil and gas extraction, CO2 storage);
  • heavy infrastructure monitoring (urban areas, bridges, water dams, critical infrastructure like nuclear power plants);
  • environment monitoring (wetlands, marine, etc.);
  • applications for precision agriculture;
  • investment impact assessment for critical infrastructure.

Four Dimensions Earth Observation Space and Time is our vision for searching meaningful information in the surrounding environment, in present, as well as in the past. Geographic information systems are combined with temporal data series, which were not imaginable until recently, and which extend and deepen our Understanding.






Lately, Big Data has become a natural resource in itself, and together with the opportunities provided by the Earth Observation technologies, they opened up new ways for understanding and knowledge discovery.

Economic and social activities have long relied on data. But the increased volume, velocity, variety, and social and economic value of data signal a paradigm shift towards a data-driven socio-economic model.

Data is an economic asset, and our capabilities are ready to address it from this perspective.

Our big data mining technologies endorse the Earth Observation monitoring services development.
They address different economic sectors searching for information revealed by data – advanced visualisation of data and analytics for augmented user experience, tools and technologies for deep data analysis, data management engineering.

Reputable international partners appreciate and validate our competences:

  • 2014 – we became the first East-European validated PSI (Persistent Scatters Interferometry) service provider, by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) within Terrafirma Project;
  • 2015 - European Association of Remote Sensing Companies – full member;
  • 2015 - European Union - Big Data Value Association – member of Board of Directors & Earth Observation / Geospatial Sub-Group Leader;
  • Long-time collaborations with European Space Agency, NASA;
  • Participation with international financial institutions in assessing infrastructure investments’ plans.

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