​TERRASIGNA (former ASRC) had participated to the “First International Conference on Moldavian Risks - from Global to Local Scale” between 16th and 19th of May, 2012. World-renowned experts had meet in Bacau to discuss on subjects related to environmental risks: earthquakes and floods, climate change, solar storms, and the hazard of impacts from outer space.


Topics of the conference were:

  • Climate changes
  • Risk from space environment
  • Risk from earth environment

TERRASIGNA experts had made a presentation for the “Section 2. Environmental risks” of the conference programme: “Water induced geohazards measured with spaceborne interferometry techniques”. InSAR is a remote sensing Earth Observation technique that allows mapping and monitoring centimetric or even millimetric ground surface deformations. Combined with ground data, it is used to develop models and scenarios to predict disaster events such as cave-ins, landslides or soil liquefaction in the case of an earthquake.

The audience was posted on some of the InSAR applications developed by TERRASIGNA and related to geohazards monitoring: Mining Tailing Ponds Monitoring (study-cases for Tarnicioara, Ostra, Valea Straja and Poarta Veche, Suceava County), Underground Mining Site Monitoring (Ocnele Mari, Valcea County) and Urban Site Monitoring (Bucharest City).

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