June 1st, 2017

“Nature-deficit disorder” is a term coined by the American author and journalist Richard Louv, and investigates the relationship of human beings, especially children, with the natural world. The term is not meant to be a medical diagnosis, but rather a description of possible negative consequences to individual health, if alienated from nature.

The soon to come World Environment Day on June 5, 2017 is an opportunity to celebrate nature and its importance in our lives.
The 2017 theme is connecting people to nature, as a chance to reconnect with the places that matter most to us.

Below image is an illustration of Romania, our home land, a nature-gifted place.
The image is an assemblage of scans, radar scenes, collected with Copernicus Sentinel1 satellite. Data are acquired based on their collecting programme (polar-orbiting, all-weather, day-and-night radar imaging), and processed as soon as they are available.

Radar images provided by the complementary Sentinel1 views (ascending and descending satellite's orbits) are aggregated through a fusion procedure. Hundreds of GB are processed every day using state of the art in-house developed algorithms and techniques in order to provide the most up to date view of Romania from space.

The image is an artificial colour composite replicating the natural colours of the landscape.
Yes, the green is real, there are many green places in Romania!  

Besides large areas of forests and woodlands in the Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta (near South-East border) is one of a kind in Europe, and a privileged place, home of many species. Its rich biodiversity was also acknowledged by UNESCO’s recognition as World Natural Heritage Site since 1991.  

The service is completely automated, processing data as soon as available, thanks to the powerful computing infrastructure (often in the same day). Based on service configuration, daily updates are also available.
Mapping land cover and changes in the way the land is being used, improving agricultural practices and forest management are just some examples of the benefits of these images.

The map was produced by TERRASIGNA, and capitalise its expertise in Earth Observation big data processing.
EO technology development and its applications in real life are our main concern and inspiration.


Download HI-RES map (TIF - 130 MB) 

See more details about this type of service in an ESA material “Earth from space: Romanian mosaic”.

Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein