TERRASIGNA is making new steps in remote sensing information usage domain by developing mobile applications for Europane Space Agency. As part of an international consortium, our team signed in to promote ESA's activities and products in the Earth Observation domain to users, scientists and the general public in order to increase awareness and facilitate exploitation of the Earth Observation data.

The first application released is Proba-V App, available now for downloading in Google Play Store and Apple Store. The user-friendly mobile application provides access for the public to information on the vegetation health in the surrounding environment as seen from space and associating this information to pictures taken by the users.

Proba-V App features functionalities like:

  • Associating satellite derived information to photos taken by users in specific locations – the information provided by the Proba-V NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) products are available for the entire Globe and easy to access;
  • Editing, storing and sharing the application’s results through multiple social media channels;
  • Displaying history of the NDVI values plotted as graphics for the geographical coordinates where a photo of the vegetation was taken in order to view the evolution of the vegetation status over the months or seasons;
  • Displaying a map with all locations pinned where the photos were taken.

The Proba-V App has been developed using the open source frameworks, libraries and extensions. Due to its smart interface and architecture, Proba-V App is easy to use and the interpretation of the results obtained with the application are comprehensible for everybody.