November 10th, 2021

Recently,  TERRASIGNA has developed a ground motion service for Romania that can be provided at request to any interested party in support of their activities. To demonstrate the potential of the service, our team presents a collection of ground displacement rate maps, illustrating the power of satellite radar interferometry (InSAR) to detect and monitor subtle ground displacements associated with various phenomena:

  • natural or anthropogenic hazards related motions like subsidence/uplift (due to fluid dynamics, clay shrink/swell, mining activity, tunneling, water extraction, etc);

  • infrastructure deformations (e.g. water reservoirs, dams, bridges and other buildings).

More than 1500 Sentinel-1 A/B datasets acquired by the European Space Agency were processed by our  experts to produce the first ever ground displacement map of Romania. With this result, and by measuring around 21 million targets over Romania, covering approximately 200.000 km2, TERRASIGNA marks an important milestone towards using space-based technology to map ground surface movement for large areas, the technology being top state of the art at the European and even international level.

The presented maps are relevant examples of products offered by an InSAR based monitoring service which can accurately detect and monitor the ground instabilities before catastrophic events take place, thus contributing to the mitigation of the damages caused by such processes.

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