Advanced Research Workshop on Environmental Security of the European Cross-border Energy Supply Infrastructure organised in Moscow, Russia between 30 and 31 October 2012 was a NATO-sponsored event. The workshop was financed under the Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme that supports civil science cooperation between NATO and its partners.

The aim of the workshop was to unite experts from a number of European countries to deal with growing range of natural and man-caused risks and challenges concerning international energy supply infrastructure.

Under the Topic 5 “Study and prediction of geohazards for environmental security of the European cross-boundary energy supply infrastructure”, TERRASIGNA (former ASRC) representative had a presentation on “Natural Hazards Monitoring Using Spaceborne Interferometry Techniques”.

From TERRASIGNA’s experience in monitoring natural or man-made disaster, some cases were shown where areas considered safe from a geotechnical point of view proved to be high risk after remote sensing measurements were made (Siriu waterdam, Tarnicioara tailing pond, Ocnele Mari brine mines, Bucharest urban area).

Using InSAR techniques, TERRASIGNA can provide innovative solutions for:
• Surface deformation measurements: landslides, subsidence, earthquakes, glacier motions, or of specific structures;
• Digital elevation models generation;
• Change detection;
• Environmental monitoring: crop characteristics, deforestation, floods, wetlands dynamic, ice flows, fires, and oil spills;
• Reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting.

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“Natural hazards monitoring using spaceborne interferometry techniques” (abstract)