​TERRASIGNA (former ASRC) provides innovative solutions for environmental monitoring by means of retrieving and processing information acquired from airborne and satellite missions. Company’s services of land monitoring include: ground deformation, thematic mapping, and change detection.

One of the relevant works of TERRASIGNA’s experts refers to snow mapping in the Carpathians Mountains (Romania) over a period of time starting from 2001 to 2011. The analysis is based on a set of MODIS time-series scenes.

The respective maps were compiled into an animated application that shows the evolution of the snow cover in the Carpathians Mountains during the studied period of time. The areas covered with clouds for more than 25% of the cases were considered as being inconclusive (coloured in black on the maps).

See the animation: Snow Cover - Carpathians Mountains (Romania)
















Thematic mapping for snow cover reveals important information in domains such as: tourism (development of the touristic and agrotouristic services), urbanism (planning of the mountain resorts), emergency situations management (floods control) and so on.






Satellite observations allow surveying and monitoring different kind of aspects of the Earth's surface, from vegetation, forestry, soil moisture, temperature, natural hazards and geology to human activities. As provider of monitoring services, ASRC has a wide experience in satellite images processing and can deliver to decision makers customized solutions for environmental monitoring.




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