Many of the humans’ actions are not completely understood until they are revealed and put in a bigger picture, from a different perspective, such as the one provided by the satellites.

Sentinel satellites from Copernicus programme are supplying huge amounts of data, already for decades.
In order to demonstrate the capability and the efficiency of high quality geo-information services, the European Space Agency (ESA) has initiated collaborations with international financial institutions for using satellite imagery as investment analytics tools.

TERRASIGNA was commissioned by ESA to perform an impact analysis for the infrastructure investments deployed in South America by Inter-American Development Bank.

The below case studies demonstrate the capabilities of Earth Observation services and their potential to clarify and to explain the connections, and sometimes, the invisible links that exist between the human actions and the surrounding environment.  



"Al agua" - High Andean Wetlands

El Altiplano may seem a cold, barren and desolate place, but it is actually home to many animals, plants and human settlements. The High Andean Wetlands located here are important ecosystems for water resources.  ...

Lake Titicaca - water quality service

The Lake Titicaca's watershed is suffering, already for decades, the effects of climate change and pollution from residential, industrial and mining effluents. An algal bloom event occurred in 2015 induced casualties to endangered species of the lake.  ...

"A la vida" - Bahia de Cohana case study

Many countries in South America are facing poverty, limited resources, and geographical constraints. Bolivia is no exception. In Bahia de Cohana, the economic progress is better understood when paired with the impact evaluation....