May 30th, 2017

"EO Paradigm Shifts and Future Prospects in Earth Observation" seminar held on May 16, 2017 at ESA Centre for Earth Observation (ESRIN, Rome) gathered participants from hundreds of companies active in this field.
Josef ASCHBACHER, the European Space Agency’s director of Earth observation emphasized the challenge, as well as the opportunity faced by the sector:
The biggest commercial potential for Earth Observation is in transforming data into information.”

Earth-observing technology are constantly evolving, as well as the way we process and exploit these data.
The economic, scientific and societal benefits of these data are virtually endless, but achieving their potential in day-to-day life is key.

Mirela CONSTANTIN, business development manager at TERRASIGNA, participant at The Future EO seminar declared for SpaceNews:

There is high potential for growth. All this free data is a huge opportunity for us to develop more services, to provide information to the public, to make them aware of the benefits of the data.

We acknowledge and welcome these challenges, as a meaningful way to transform our data analytics business competences into real life benefits.
Details about our approach also in an interview of Mirela Constantin for ESA, at the same event.

Impressions were collected from the event by SpaceNews publication.

Image credit ESA