The second consultation meeting of EO Open Science of the European Space Agency (ESA) takes place these days (12–14 September 2016) in ESRIN (Frascati, Italy). The conference aims to express the facilitating role of ESA in exploiting EO data in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and open way, and making the most of the large volume of complex and diverse data delivered by the new generation of EO missions and in particular the Sentinels.

As acknowledgment of its valuable role as player in international initiatives in the domain of EO Open Science, TERRASIGNA was assigned to moderate the Education/Visualisation session within the conference. TERRASIGNA’s strong experience in developing Earth Observation tools for educational purposes and relevant visualisation instruments for common use, places it among representatives of important universities all over the word gathered there to present new initiatives which break the pattern of conventional education by blending data, video, apps, and on-line material in order to engage, inspire and educate both existing and future users of EO data.

Scientists, educators, developers and students working in the fields covered by EO Science are gathered there together with representatives from National, European and International space and value adding industry interested in the new EO Science approach and activities in order to develop a global network of communities.