TERRASIGNA participated in the ESA Living Planet Symposium held in Prague, Czech Republic from 9-13 May 2016. The event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the local support from Charles University in Prague.

Within the EO Open Science poster session, TERRASIGNA presented three digital posters that illustrates the company’s expertise in developing software solutions for data access and processing:

  • “Semantic Search in Satellite Imagery – Methods and Algorithms for a Future CBIR Prototype” introducing the OSIRIDE prototype software for content based search in satellite images (developed under ESA’s General Support Technology Programme);
  • “Extracting Classes of Pixels with Similar Evolution in Satellite Image Time Series – Fundamentals and Main Algorithms”  presenting the DAMATS prototype for the extraction of information in Satellite Image Time Series (SITS) (developed under ESA’a General Support Technology Programme);
  • “Access and processing facilities for satellite data, tailored for Black Sea basin” introducing ESPOSS - a web based EO data access and processing application for the Black Sea (developed under ESA contract).