​TERRASIGNA (former ASRC) participated in the special session “Methods for Modelling and Analyzing Very High Resolution SAR Images” of the International Conference on Communications – COMM 2012 with the paper “Towards a New Hierarchical Segmentation Algorithm for SAR Scenes”.

Having a wide experience in digital data processing and algorithms development for various operational applications, the TERRASIGNA team faced the challenge to adapt optical images processing algorithms to SAR imagery. The main interest was awarded to the segmentation process, meaning the identification of the ground structures, both natural and artificial: agricultural fields, lakes, forests, urban areas, roads, etc.

The solution proposed was an original segmentation algorithm for SAR data, algorithm which comprises elements from algorithms of segmentation and classification designated for optical images, but modified in order to cope with the speckle and high-resolution of SAR images.

The experimental results obtained so far were very promising and motivated further efforts on behalf of the team towards an extended evaluation of the algorithm’s performance regarding the accuracy, speed, and stability.

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