November 8th, 2017

The project demonstrated the benefits of EO technology as an operational support tool that enhances planning, implementation and monitoring of development projects.

The declaration addresses the projects performed by TERRASIGNA in the countries of South America.

A recent blog post on the site of the Inter-American Development Bank speaks about the programs commissioned by the European Space Agency and deployed by our company in the region -  Earth Observation Services Supporting International Development Banks Projects (EOSID) and Expansion of EO Uptake in Developing Countries (EODAT).

It highlights some results of the studies deployed in Bolivia, Haiti, Columbia and Mexico.

The exponential technical improvements in satellite sensors and the increased availability of EO data over the last decades made this information not only a valuable resource, but also a necessity for activities such as environmental monitoring.

We hope that it will contribute more and more to sustainable development efforts in the region.

Read the article in English or Spanish.