Danube DeltaOn 23rd of June 2011 stakeholders, politicians, planners, NGOs and journalists were invited to the workshop ''Resizing the Economical and Ecological Efforts in the Danube River Floodplains''.

The event was part of the DANUBE FLOODRISK project and was organized by the Ministry of Environment Romania as Lead partner.

The DANUBE FLOODRISK project was financed within the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme. It focused on the most cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction: risk assessment, risk mapping, involvement of stakeholders, and risk reduction by adequate spatial planning. Transnational methodology and models had to be defined and implemented for flood risk assessment and mapping.

TERRASIGNA (former ASRC) had presented in the workshop a paper on 'Determining Risk Sensibility by Using Satellite Imagery for Risk Management Maps and Assessing Risk Areas’ Development', focusing on applications of Interferometry techniques in flood mapping, hydrological modelling and identifications of the human constructions.

The use of the change detection techniques in the domain was demonstrated by the results TERRASIGNA had obtained in the project ''Fluctuation of the Water Extent Extracted from LANDSAT Imagery - Case Study: Danube Delta''.

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