To those who see Earth as it really is — "a tiny pea, pretty and blue," in the words of Neil Armstrong —"there is not much sense in being petty and insincere. Would be a waste of carbon, oxygen and time."
Revealing the secrets of this "tiny pea, pretty and blue" is our contribution to the Understanding.

We are in the business of Earth Observation data processing.
Every day, zettabytes of data are acquired from satellites and other geographic information systems. From this, we select the data relevant for specific applications, we analyse and process it, and turn it into usable information, by using in-house created and developed algorithms and techniques.

We are living extraordinary times in terms of the human kind evolution, and we strive to make a contribution in this process of understanding and life transformation.

TERRASIGNA is a Romanian rooted company, with locally developed competencies.
We are the sole company emerging from this region, and we take pride in the fact that our local capabilities can contribute to the European and international efforts in exploiting EO satellite data.
Our position in the South East Europe has consolidated over the years, thanks to multiple projects implemented, services deployed, and knowledge acquired. Our deep understanding about the natural resources of this region only motivates us to explore more.






Curiosity or empathy? Both, actually.
We are curious, we want to know what we don’t know.
Scientific truths are revealed when beautiful minds and scientific spirits come together. We believe in this power, as it facilitates a better understanding of the surrounding phenomena.  

But human activities have reached a complexity level that is no longer possible to evaluate just from the ground. This is where empathy comes into action.

We are searching perspectives, and are willing to pursue and to imagine ones that does not exist yet, or are not yet revealed.
Geographers, geospatial specialists, information technology experts and data analysts process both human and machine intelligence in order to clarify the perspectives of this complexity.

Innovation, science and technology will be the drivers of tomorrows’ health, wealth and security.

Capturing the value from Earth Observation data offers a huge potential to explore, and we dedicate our skills, passion and knowledge in this awesome venture.

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