Siriu area, in the central part of Romania, presents a long history of landslides processes. During recent years, several landslides affecting the water dam and the surroundings have been reported in the area. The water dam construction triggered slopes instability that led to one major landslide blocking the lake in 2006 and other similar phenomena affecting the main road and the water dam infrastructure also. Using satellite radar data, and specific data processing, TERRASIGNA provided maps that clearly identified and showed the active landslides, providing input to national and local authorities in their efforts for prevention or minimization of substantial economic losses.


According to the National Geology Institute, the city of Galati is prone to landslides and flooding. In this area, our company demonstrated the efficiency of monitoring ground stability using satellite radar data. Advanced tools have been developed to analyze the large scale landslides risk and the phenomenon itself. In this manner, some zones where the landslides are just starting and cannot be yet observed with the help of traditional methods were identified. The areas where this phenomenon is largely present were monitored, thus preventing a potential loss of human lives and economic problems.